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Engineers occupy positions of trust and responsibility within the community, industry and across government. Registration as a professional engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) is recognition of the qualifications and competencies of an engineer.

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland administers the Queensland ‘Professional Engineers Act 2002’ which prohibits persons who are not registered from providing professional engineering services in Queensland. The registration system ensures a high standard of engineering exists within Queensland.

The Board provides a Code of Practice for the guidance of Registered Professional Engineers. Applicants for assessment should familiarise themselves with the Code.

For more information about the Act and the Board of Professional Engineers visit www.bpeq.qld.gov.au.

RPEQ Assessors

IPWEA Queensland’s membership is divested in branches across Queensland, including North Queensland, Central Queensland, South East Queensland and South West Queensland.  This placement of people allows us to draw on our highest levels of membership – that of Emeritus and Fellow – to be our RPEQ Assessment Panel. 

A panel of three assessors will assess each application and upon completion of applicant interviews will make their recommendation for approval or otherwise to the IPWEA Queensland Assessment Board. If successful, an applicant will be provided with a Certificate of Assessment. In some cases, conditional approval may be granted and applicants may reapply at a later stage.

IPWEA Queensland will convene the Assessment Panel for each application and provide the necessary applicant information for review prior to an interview with the applicant. Interviews will be conducted by phone or video conference. Assessors are bound by confidentiality agreements and as such will not share/use any information gained as part of the Assessment process for any purpose other than RPEQ assessment.

IPWEA Queensland RPEQ Assessment Board

The IPWEA Queensland RPEQ Assessment Board oversees the RPEQ assessment process by IPWEA Queensland. The Assessment Board includes representation of an RPEQ from each IPWEA Queensland Branch, as well as an IPWEA Queensland Board Member and the CEO of IPWEA Queensland.