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Once you have completed the online application form, with all supporting documentation submitted, and paid the assessment fee, IPWEA Queensland will assess your application.

All applications are assessed by IPWEA Queensland’s expert panel of assessors and are overseen by the IPWEAQ RPEQ Assessment Board. All personal and professional information is treated confidentially and assessors are bound by confidentiality agreements and will not share any information gained as part of your assessment.

Assessment usually takes from four to eight weeks, but we’ll keep you up to date on how your application is progressing and you can contact us at anytime.

You will need to make yourself available for an interview as your application progresses. In most cases interviews are conducted in person with an Assessor located in your region, but for applicants in remote locations, interviews may be conducted by telephone link.

If your assessment is successful, IPWEAQ will issue you with a Letter of Assessment.

It is then up to you to register with the Board of Professional Engineers to have your RPEQ registration confirmed. The requirements and process to register with the Board are available at Board of Professional Engineers Queensland Registration Overview.

Please note that successful assessment by the IPWEAQ does not guarantee acceptance of your registration by the Board of Professional Engineers.

In the event that your application does not pass the assessment criteria of the IPWEAQ Assessment Board, you will be advised of the reasons for the decision and invited to reapply once those conditions have been met. The IPWEAQ Assessment Board reserves the right to charge an additional administration fee for reassessment.

If at any stage you have concerns about the assessment process for your application, please refer to our Complaints Procedure