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Applicants applying to register for RPEQ assessment are required to provide completed statements from three referees who are in a position to comment on the applicant's competencies.

Referees’ responses must be provided on the IPWEAQ Referee Statement (Microsoft Word format). Referees may be contacted by The IPWEAQ Assessment Board to provide additional information or clarify their responses in the completed statements.

The IPWEAQ RPEQ Assessment Board has established the following guidelines for referees:

  1. Each referee should have worked with the applicant for more than 12 months.
  2. Only one referee can comment on the applicant’s current workplace*
  3. The other two referees should be:
    1. from other organisations, clients, consultants or previous employers; and
    2. from different stages of your career excluding your current workplace;
    3. if these two referees are from the same organisation they should be able to cover off different periods of your employment * Applicants who may not be able to fulfil this requirement are asked to contact IPWEAQ

Each referee statement must provide details of the referee’s association with the applicant, how long they have known the applicant, the capacity in which they know the applicant, the work undertaken by the applicant under their supervision, any other work they know of by the applicant and why they believe the applicant should be recognised with RPEQ registration.

Click here to download the Referee Statement form

The IPWEAQ RPEQ Assessment Board, at its entire discretion, may request a confidential report from the referees in such a form and content as it may decide from time to time. Referees should be an RPEQ or other Professionals who the Assessment Board deem to have the equivalent of RPEQ status.